the Science of Selling Out Science

The current state of science is dreadful. Unrestrained partiality and undisciplined thinking, lack of transparency, financial and political influence, utterly at odds with the most fundamental and sacred tenements of our increasingly suspect process. The abuses rooted in misplaced trust and lack of oversight even in the case of peer review publishers culminates in something closer resembling chaos than so called ‘reason’. A circumstance, where the very idea of any real objective truth emerging or surviving this fallacy is astounding.

That notwithstanding, we would be wise to remain ever conscious of the significant difference between correlation and causality. Lest we bind ourselves to false conclusions and inferring significance from the arbitrary, contributing not to any greater understanding but rather propagating confusion, legitimizing falsehoods, culminating in needless private and public sector policy, absurd societal conventions or beliefs, counter intuitive legislation preceding new or renewed forms of injustice, as we further inflate the scope and reach of our ever-expanding ‘data over-confidence bubble’.


Blinding Cynicism

“Cynicism and faithlessness will blind you to everything in life you most need to see. “

“Cynicism and faithlessness will blind you to everything in life you most need to see, question what must never be, and destroy precisely what you need.”

To literally of fool perspective, destroy, hunt down, chase away, and refuse the only things you should value, is a perfect fail, an inversion. Like uh, a ‘negative’ of a photograph. Now what do you call that kind of thinking?